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Welcome to Funkytown

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Founded in 2008, FunkyTown Parties sets out to put the “fun” in FunkyTown! At FunkyTown, we want kids to have a real party. That means creating and planning a party that is 100 percent private and only accessible to the guest of honor and his/her friends.

Our commitment to creating the perfect party can be seen from the moment you walk through our doors, from our hand selected FunkyTown team members who embrace the spirit of fun and always come to work with a smile on their face, to our unique club atmosphere.

Impress your friends and family with an amazing celebration at FunkyTown Parties! We specialize in birthdays, graduations, end-of-year celebrations and more. FunkyTown will work with you to select a party that not only fits your personality and style, but also your budget. You and your guests will have a blast dancing and enjoying yourselves at the funkiest party in town!