Funkytown Parties

Rules & Policies

All Parties (Kid, Tween, Teen & Sweet 16, Teams, Girl Scouts, Field Trips, Summer Camps and Parties at Your Place)

Reservation Policy

Reservations can be made over the phone or in person at FunkyTown Parties. $100 deposit is required for your requested party date and time to be booked and reserved. Teen and Sweet 16’s require a $200 & $300 deposits. You may also email a reservation request, but this does not guarantee your booking. Parties typically book 2-4 weeks in advance, so please try to plan ahead. Please call FunkyTown Parties at 704-845-0750 to reserve your party.


Your party deposit is non-refundable. See Cancellation Policy

Payments by Check

Payments by check are welcome, but we do charge a $25 fee for returned checks.

Payments by Credit Card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept AMEX.

Maximum Attendance

Maximum capacity at FunkyTown is 50 people including our staff. Please discuss with our staff members the number of guest that will be attending. We cannot accommodate parties over 50 guests. For larger parties, please consider our Parties-on-the-Go options.

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel your party:

  • More than 21 days your deposit will be fully refunded.
  • 21 – 11 days before party date. 75% cancellation fee and 25% refund issued as a FunkyTown credit valid for 12 months from date of party.
  • 10 – 0 days before party date. No refund.

Should you need to reschedule, we will transfer the deposit if you call 15 or more days prior to the original scheduled party date and rebook within an 8-week period. If you call 10-14 days prior to the scheduled party date you will be required to pay a $75 re-booking fee. 0-13 days this will be viewed as a cancellation.

Change in Party Theme

You must choose a party package to reserve your party. If you want to change your theme, we ask that you do so a week in advance so we can properly prepare our staff for your party.

Food/Drink Policy and Food Allergies

Please keep in mind we do NOT provide, snacks and drinks (unless you have a mocktail bar included). You are welcome to bring your own drinks; we recommend that you plan to bring at least 2 drinks per child for your party. If you bring in food other than delivered pizza, it must enter FunkyTown in a sealed package or come from a restaurant/store/bakery.   Parents of food allergy children can bring in treats for their child only.

Please keep this in mind that this is a Nut Free facility, any items not in a store bought, sealed package, or catered packaging, or items containing nuts, will be removed.  Absolutely, NO exceptions. No home baked goods! Everything must be catered or store bought. No exceptions!


If you would like to have pizza delivered to FunkyTown, please have it delivered no more than 30 minutes into your party.  Hungry Howie’s: 704-543-7900; Anzi Pizza: 704-708-5200; Domino’s: 704-543-7160; Papa John’s: 704-841-7272.

Confirming Party

We will call or email you the week of the party to confirm details such as favor add-ons and approximate number of guests. Feel free to contact us. If you have trouble reaching us by phone, email is a great way to get in touch with us. FunkyTown can get loud and we don’t have regular scheduled hours. or 704-845-0750.


Please note…all of our parties have15% included in the base price of the party. This gratuity is only negotiable if you feel the Party Crew has not worked hard and are not deserving of the tip. This amount is based on the party package price, and if additional time and guests are added, gratuity will be added to these additions.


We welcome feedback, both good and bad. We can’t improve without it. Please inform us if you do have any feedback that can help us to achieve the highest standard of service to you. If you had a great time at FunkyTown, we want to hear about it! Please post in our Facebook recommendations section or on Google Plus.


FunkyTown Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction from outside food brought in to our faculty. FunkyTown Parties and its employees will assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages to persons or property.


Please arrive approximately 5-10 minutes before party begins (Sweet 16’s may arrive early, please arrange timing to discuss party with our staff). Due to our intimate setting, if you or your guests arrive before party is scheduled, you may hang out in our front lounge until the party begins. This will ensure we have an opportunity to set up properly before your party.

Your Party

Our party packages are for children. Adults are welcome, but we do ask that you are responsible for paper goods, serving, etc of adult guests when adult guests other than family are anticipated to stay. Keep in mind our maximum capacity is 45 people. This includes all children and adults.

Please respect our facility. We ask children do not walk/Jump/Play on our furniture or enter the Employee Room. They may only enter DJ and equipment room if escorted by a staff member.

If you have any needs during party, PLEASE let a staff member know! We want your party to be perfect and because each individual and each party is unique, you may have different needs and requests. If the temperature is too hot or cold, the music to loud or soft – just let a staff member know, and we will accommodate you.


Invitations and envelops are included with each party booking. You can also print from our site or send an e-vite. Suggestions for invitations: Celebration Type with adult or child’s name, Date, time, RSVP date and your number/email.

Parties on the Go – Additional Policies

Destination Fee

We typically will not travel more than 15 miles from Funkytown Parties. In the event we do travel over 15 miles will be charge $2 per mile each way.


Please inform us prior to party where you would like us to park and keep in mind, we have supplies and heavy and large equipment to carry.

Teen and Sweet 16 Parties (additional rules)

FunkyTown is a place where teens can enjoy a celebration in a fun safe and environment.  We do everything in our power to ensure you and your child has a great experience with us. We do need your help, so please review our rules and policies carefully.

What’s needed before your party: signed waiver, guest list, play list:

Waiver: Must be signed upon booking

Guest List: Must be turned in week of party

* No uninvited guests are permitted to enter FunkyTown, if they are not on the list they do not get in.

* Please help your child to collect RSVP’s. If only a few guests show for the party, you are still responsible for paying the balance of the party.

Music: Please let us know your music preference (i.e. top 40, hip hop, country, techno) upon booking.   We have the most current music and you and your guests may make requests throughout the night. If you would like a custom playlist, and additional $75 fee will be added to your payment, and it MUST be turned in a minimum of 7 days prior to party, no exceptions.   Absolutely NO explicit music will be played even it is approved by parent and on your playlist. This is at our discretion.

Food & Drinks:

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed, and will do everything in our power to make sure this does not happen. Anyone appearing under the influence will be removed/refused admittance and reported to the authorities. FunkyTown Parties assumes no responsibility for actions of teens in regards to alcohol or drugs.

All food policies stated in general rules and policies hold true for teen parties. Absolutely no home made food and keep in mind we are a nut-free facility. We take this very seriously and will remove any items that do not comply.

Security & Conduct:

Security is provided by FunkyTown Staff. No backpacks are allowed inside FunkyTown. Modern dances will be permitted provided lewd or sexual conduct is not part of said dance.  At the discretion of management, bathroom checks will be made by FunkyTown staff. Re-entry into FunkyTown is prohibited except to make a phone call.   Anyone wishing to exit for special purposes will do so only under the supervision of a FunkyTown staff member. Any suspected criminal acts will be immediately reported to the police and you will be contacted.

In the event of misconduct by any child attending your even, you will be contacted and responsible for removing the child immediately.

Anyone violating these posted rules will be logged and may be permanently banned from all FunkyTown Parties events.